Colorado River Wildlife & Scenery

A trip along the Colorado River yielded several viewing treats, including wild burros and a Great Blue Heron.

Colorado River Wildlife & Scenery
Wild burros along the Colorado River

While camping in the Sonoran Desert this winter we took the opportunity to explore along the Colorado River. In this case, we traveled along Parker Dam Road between Earp, California and Parker Dam which itself spans the Colorado between California and Arizona.

There is some interesting scenery through this area besides the dam itself. There is also wildlife to be found, like the Great Blue Heron we spotted near the dam and the many wild burros near the river.

The Colorado River below Parker Dam (California side).
Clump of grass growing beside Lake Havasu (above Parker Dam).
American Coot swimming in Lake Havasu behind Parker Dam.
Parker Dam
Vehicles are allowed to drive across Parker Dam between California and Arizona. Trailers, RVs, and trucks are prohibited because of the very tight space.
Colorado River Wildlife: Wild Burros & Great Blue Heron