Devils Tower (2022)

Devils Tower, in northeast Wyoming, is America's first National Monument.

Devils Tower (2022)
Devils Tower in Wyoming

Devils Tower is a unique geologic feature in northeast Wyoming, but in truth it is also so much more. Devils Tower has the distinction of being America's first National Monument, established in 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt. The tower also has a long and interesting history.

Devils Tower is the name given to this rock formation by early white explorers in the late 1800s who misunderstood the traditional, Native name for the tower. There were a number of names used for the tower by local Native tribes, including Bear's Lodge, Bear's House, Tree Rock, Brown Buffalo Horn, Great Gray Horn, and others.

The tower, which is highly distinctive and visible for many miles, served as a gathering spot for Native American tribes and early white inhabitants of the area. Still today, the tower is regarded as a sacred site by many Native groups.