Ehrenberg-Cibola Road BLM (Ehrenberg, AZ) Campsite Review

Free dispersed camping in the desert on Ehrenberg-Cibola Road in Ehrenberg, Arizona

Ehrenberg-Cibola Road BLM (Ehrenberg, AZ) Campsite Review
Camping in the Arizona desert near Ehrenberg

Location: Ehrenberg, Arizona
Type: BLM Dispersed
Access: Approximately 3 miles from Interstate 10, Exit 1
Coordinates:33.587184, -114.477294
Elevation: 500 Feet
Road Conditions: Pavement and gravel
Phone Coverage: Verizon, 2-4 out of 5
Maximum Stay: 14 days
Fee: Free
Amenities: None; primitive, dispersed camping in the desert


The Ehrenberg, Arizona area is a favorite spot for many full-timers and snowbirds who are looking for a free, desert campsite.

Quartzsite, Arizona is a popular winter destination for many RVers and vandwellers, but its popularity also means that it is often crowded and the 14-day camping limits on BLM land are enforced. After exhausting your 14-day stay in the desert near Quartzsite, you either have to pay for a campsite (RV park, dry dock area, or Long Term Visitor Area) or move to another location. Ehrenberg is a popular alternative destination for many nomads who need to move to a different camp.

The winter weather in Ehrenberg is considerably better than in much of the country. While nights can be cold, the daytime temperatures are usually pleasant with plenty of sunshine.

Ehrenberg is a small community on the Colorado River, just one mile from California. Ehrenberg has a truck stop on the south side of Interstate 10 and a local, “general store” on the north side of the Interstate. The local store is known as “The Mall,” and provides just about everything a nomad could want, including mail service, propane, water, showers, and a laundromat. Recently another travel plaza opened on the south side of I-10 in Ehrenberg, and a Family Dollar store also opened on Ehrenberg-Parker Highway.

In addition to being popular with campers, the area is also frequented by those looking for a place to drive OHVs and recreational/target shooters. Weekends in particular can, unfortunately, be noisy.


Free BLM Camping in Ehrenberg, Arizona
Ehrenberg, Arizona: Free BLM Camping, Boondocking Haven


The BLM-managed desert with dispersed camping is located south of Interstate 10 between the Colorado River to the west and the Dome Rock Mountains to the east.