Family of 5 Bears Discovered Hibernating Beneath House!

Imagine learning that a bear has been living beneath your house. Or, as in the recent case of one California family, five bears living beneath the house!

Family of 5 Bears Discovered Hibernating Beneath House!
Family of bears found beneath South Lake Tahoe home. Photo credit Pexels on Pixabay.
California family discovers FIVE bears hibernating beneath their house!

According to a recent story shared on Facebook by the BEAR League, a non-profit in the Lake Tahoe basin, a family in South Lake Tahoe had been hearing what they described as odd, rumbling, snoring-like noises all winter.

The family ignored the mystery noises because, as they described it, they didn’t make sense. They recently learned, however, that they were not imaging things, and the sounds were caused by very real bears who had been hibernating in the crawl space beneath the house.

“The residents didn’t realize there were five bears under their house until we got there and told the bears to come out... and then we counted five,” Ann Bryant, BEAR League Executive Director, told HuffPost for a story they were preparing about the bears. “They had just thought it was one very noisy bear.”

Three of the cubs were the mama bear’s offspring, while the fourth was an orphaned cub that she had been caring for since its mother was killed by a car.

An electrical barrier was installed across the crawl space opening to prevent the bears from re-entering the space.

Reportedly, 100-150 bears attempt to hibernate under houses in the Lake Tahoe area each winter.

Crawl space openings may be attractive to bears preparing to hibernate because they are “cave like” openings to a protected space.

The moral of the story? Secure your crawl space or basement access if you live in bear country!