These are items that I currently recommend for off-grid and nomadic living. Note that I only recommend products/services/companies that I believe provide good value, but some of these are affiliate links so I may earn a commission if you purchase something using those links.

Bluetti Portable Power Stations

In my opinion, Bluetti offers the most cutting edge technology and overall best value when it comes to portable power stations. Additionally, Bluetti continues to raise the bar when it comes to innovative features and performance of their power stations.

I am currently using the EB3A and EB70S portable power stations from Bluetti and have been very happy with both units. (Affiliate Links)

Bluetti EB3A - The lastest power station from Bluetti, this compact unit provides a 268 Wh LiFePO4 battery pack, a 600 W pure sine wave inverter, pass-through AC power and charging, and blazing fast recharging. Learn more on Bluetti's website or see my full video review.

Bluetti EB70S - This mid-sized unit from Bluetti offers powerful features at an affordable price. The EB70S features a 716 Wh LiFePO4 battery pack, a 800 W pure sine wave inverter, and fast recharging. Learn more on Bluetti's website or see my full video review.

FlexSolar Briefcase Solar Panel

FlexSolar makes high-quality, portable solar panels. At this time, I am using a 200 Watt briefcase panel from FlexSolar to supplement the roof-mounted solar panels on my camper van and have been happy with the quality and performance.

SetPower RV60D Pro 12 Volt Refrigerator

This 60-quart, 12 Volt compressor fridge by SetPower is solidly built with overlanders and adventurers in mind. The fridge is a dual-zone model allowing for separate refrigerator/freezer control in two compartments created by a removable divider. I am currently using this fridge in the van for refrigeration while traveling/camping in the van and for "overflow" refrigeration when I am staying in the travel trailer.

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