Quartzsite Desert Scenery - Part 2

Scenery from the Sonoran Desert near Quartzsite, Arizona.

Quartzsite Desert Scenery - Part 2
Barrel Cactus

We try to take a long walk each day just to be outdoors and to explore our surroundings. Sometimes that plan works better than others, based on location, weather, etc. Quartzsite presents challenges because the ground is so rough and rocky that many people develop orthopedic aches and pains quickly. We still managed some good walks here though.

Desert Indian Wheat growing in the Sonoran Desert near Quartzsite.
Desert Indian Wheat is a species of Plantain. The starch from its seed husks is used as clothing starch.
Soft Prairie Clover draws its name from the thick, downy fuzz on the leaves and flowers.
We saw many Brittlebush covered in golden flowers this winter.
Hummingbird Bush grows up to seven feet tall, in this case supported by the limb of a dead Palo Verde tree. This vine attracts hummingbirds when it flowers.
Parish's Goldeneye bushes were also blooming this winter.
Parish's Goldeneye was named after two botanist brothers from California, William and Samuel Parish.
Checking out a cut portion of stump on a dead Desert Ironwood tree.
A dead Ironwood Tree along a wash near Quartzsite.
Palo Verde and Desert Ironwood trees.
Sandmat lining a wash.
Sun dog in the sky above Quartzsite.
Quartzsite Desert Photo Walk With a $5 Vintage Thrift Store Camera
Amazing Dead Ironwood Tree in a Quartzsite Desert Wash
Instax Mini 40 Photo Walk in the Quartzsite Desert