Sonoran Desert Sunsets and Night Skies

The sunsets and night skies in the desert can be incredible!

Sonoran Desert Sunsets and Night Skies
Watching an incredible evening sky as the sun and moon set just moments apart.

The Sonoran Desert is a very large ecoregion that covers parts of Arizona, California, and three Mexican states. The Sonoran, spanning 100,000 square miles, has the distinction of being the hottest desert in Mexico or the US. Despite the brual summer heat in this desert, the winters can be quite nice.

Moon setting just after the sun.
Moon setting at sunset behind the skeletal remains of a Desert Ironwood tree.
Sunset in the Sonoran Desert.
The gnarly branches of a Desert Ironwood tree.
Checking out interesting desert finds.
An interesting piece of broken glass found in the Sonoran Desert.
A collection of desert finds.
A scraggly Desert Ironwood tree lit by the setting sun.
Night sky over our campsite in the Sonoran Desert.
Photo Walk in the Sonoran Desert
Sonoran Desert Drone Views
Rare Fog in the Sonoran Desert