The Wild Horses of Nevada

One of my biggest surprises when first visiting the Mojave Desert in Southern Nevada was the wild horse herds.

The Wild Horses of Nevada
Wild horse in southern Nevada

My first video that I published on YouTube in October 2016 was titled The Wild Horses of Nevada. We were camped near Pahrump, Nevada at the time (our group included Debra Dickinson, Bob Wells, and Al Christensen) and these majestic animals visited our camp several times.

The beautiful stallion that is featured in the video thumbnail actually walked through a camp where Debra and I were staying several miles outside of Pahrump in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest under the light of the moon. Oh what a glorious, if eerily mystical, sight he was that night!

Later, as we were camped in the Pahrump valley with others, these wild horses visited us several more times. My videography skills have improved since I made this video, but it remains one of my favorites for all that it represents. I hope you too enjoy the wild horses of Nevada.

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The Wild Horses of Nevada